Lead Software Engineer



Software Engineering · Full-time
provo, ut, usa
120,000 – 220,000 USD per year
Posted on Tuesday, October 25, 2022

About Halda:

Halda is a B2B SaaS startup building a personalization layer for the website which increases lead conversion by up to 500%. As one of the fastest growing SaaS companies in the education space, Halda is founded by early Podium and Zinch team members and backed by Album VC and Kickstart.

Here at Halda, our product team lives by a set of values. These values include:

  • Team first: We over me. We help others when they need it. No one left behind
  • Extreme ownership: We own our work until it is done, no matter what it takes.
  • Customer value is all that matters: We serve customers, not the engineering or product gods.
  • Velocity is king: We believe that whoever ships value the fastest wins
  • Tortoises are faster than hares: Tortoises read the docs, hares copy / paste stack overflow. Always seek deep understanding; learning compounds over time
  • Innovate or die: Everyone is expected to innovate, or else we will go under
  • Done is better than perfect: Start with the skateboard, end with the Lamborghini
  • Details matter: At every stage of fidelity, excellence is in the details

There is a common theme in our values: our ideal candidate must have the desire to put the customer and the business before code. We have weekly Sprint deadlines, where we commit to ship a fixed amount of work before the next Sprint starts. This is uncomfortable for many, but for those who love the feeling of winning and driving business impact find it to be a more fulfilling and thrilling way to work.

So, if you are the one that is known for pushing that full rewrite, adopting the latest and greatest frontend framework, or is uncomfortable with a strategic amount of tech debt, or someone who doesn’t like having a deadline, this probably isn’t the place for you. However, if you are motivated to dominate the market and get excited about having a huge impact on the way businesses everywhere achieve personalization at scale, then you’d fit in great here!

Job Responsibilities:

Our business opportunity is huge and we have a lot to build. As such, we need a lead software engineer who can help us not only provide guidance and ensure code quality for the rest of the three-person engineering team, but also to weigh in on architecture as we scale, help establish engineering best practices and build out the highest-impact features in the product.

This engineer will be responsible for the following:

  • Architect, build, test and QA backend features in Ruby on Rails, Minitest, Capybara, etc.
  • Architect, build, test and QA frontend features in React.js, Jest, etc.
  • Manage DevOps pipeline for CI/CD/CD using Heroku and other cloud platforms, GitHub actions, etc.
  • While we do have design and product management resources, we are a small, lean team. We expect this engineer to show good problem-solving skills to be able to make sensible product and user experience decisions in the absence of mock ups, prototypes or detailed requirements. The ideal candidate will have an equal desire for both engineering excellence as well as customer satisfaction
  • Contribute product ideas in order to help attract, retain and delight customers with innovative features and/or products
  • Be available for assistance of more junior engineers on the team that need help
  • Perform code reviews providing constructive feedback to team members while maintaining high standard of code quality and style
  • Contribute to weekly team trainings where we instruct on engineering concepts

Minimum Job Qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent practical experience.
  • 3+ years of software development experience in industry building a SaaS product.
  • Software development proficiency in a server-side language and web framework (Ruby/Rails, Node.js/Express, Elixir/Phoenix, Java/Spring, PHP/Laravel, etc.).
  • Software development proficiency with Typescript and React.js, or proficiency in another front-end framework
  • Database proficiency with optimizing relational databases, managing database migrations and schemas and writing performant SQL queries
  • Data engineering basics of how to set up data pipelines and how to design an analytics product in production
  • Web development proficiency with HTML and CSS
  • Software development experience with automated testing
  • Software development experience with automated QA (quality assurance) (Selenium, Capybara, etc.)
  • Cloud computing platform experience in distributed deployment of microservices architecture (AWS, Azure, GCP, etc.)

Preferred Job Qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree or Advanced degree in technical discipline (Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Physics, Mathematics, etc.)
  • 5+ years of software development experience in industry for a SaaS product
  • Proficiency in Ruby on Rails
  • Proficiency with Rails testing stack: Minitest, Selenium, Capybara, etc.
  • Proficiency in Javascript (ES6+) and React.js
  • Proficiency in Typescript
  • Experience using Tailwind CSS and Tailwind UI
  • Experience in object-oriented and functional software design and architecture
  • Experience in transitioning from monolith to microservices architecture
  • Experience in scaling out both back end and front end infrastructure
  • Ability to make good product and user experience decisions without needing a designer and/or mocks for small features

Job Type: Full-time

Pay: $120,000.00 - $220,000.00 per year


  • Health insurance
  • Paid time off


  • Monday to Friday

Ability to commute/relocate:

  • Provo, UT 84601: Reliably commute or planning to relocate before starting work (Required)

Work Location: Hybrid remote in Provo, UT 84601